A New Blockchain: Transforming White Papers into a Plan of Action

An emerging company has developed a new blockchain architecture that will completely revolutionize non-financial based uses of the blockchain technology. Innovatively designed from the ground-up to handle millions of real-time interactions, this reconstructed architecture will open the flood-gates for expanded use of blockchain technology in exciting new industries. This cutting-edge network has been proven in white papers and is backed by tens of millions of dollars in investments.




Product Strategy Consult, Project Management, Product Management, Development Cycle Consult


August 2019



The Sitch  

While ingenious, this revolutionary blockchain architecture currently only exists in theories and white papers. The client knows the design principles, the functionality, and the desired goals of the network, but they are unclear on how to take their ideas from paper to reality. And since nothing like this exists out there today and upfront investment of the project is costly, the client needs an expert set-of-eyes on their ideas to ensure that nothing is hiding in their blind spots. With their first partner already contracted and a public announcement of what they are building, the client is up against a tight timeline. The go-live date for the MVP is just 2 months out, and the more comprehensive V1 go-live date is a mere 7 months out. Both of these dates cannot be missed in order to keep their investors and partners engaged and to ensure first-mover advantages are realized.


The Goal

Quickly produce a backlog of appropriately sized workable items for their engineers, a project plan that showcases both the priorities & dependencies for their project managers, and a scoping document that highlights what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and when it needs to be done, including potential areas of concern, for their CEO.


Our Part

Blockchain Architecture Review, Project Scoping, Project Roadmap Creation, Projected Resource Allocation, User Story Writing, Onsite Deep-Dives, Requirement Gathering, Product Research, Technical Need Guidance, Milestone Recommendations


The End Result

A robust deliverable of 162 clearly defined user stories including associated story points and prioritizations, culminating in a custom-crafted gantt chart to showcase resource allocation and dependencies. The blockchain architecture was analyzed inside and out during this process to ensure no rock was left unturned and all findings on the system were provided in a final scoping document. This all-star team transformed a theoretical idea into a concrete plan of action in just 5 weeks. With a clear path to not only meeting, but surpassing their upcoming milestones, the client is equipped to revolutionize blockchain.

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