Project Management Software Overhaul: Built from the Ground Up

A $400 million construction company is utilizing an off-the-shelf (OTS) project management software that bills at 1% of revenues. The software is not only expensive but its capabilities are severely under-utilized. The company wants to build a new system from the ground up but doesn’t know where to start.


Commercial Construction Software


Product Management, Project Management, Product Strategy Consult


March 2019



The Sitch  

The company has never built software before and has 8 months until the OTS software contract renews. With only a wish-list and a looming date, they need help figuring out how to turn these desires into a fully functional, highly robust product that will help them decrease costs, while increasing user engagement and efficiency.


The Goal

Design a custom full-replacement solution, deliver a product roadmap for how to get there on their timeline, and propose a resource allocation strategy that executes this strategy and meets their needs. Simply put, a detailed and robust plan that get the company from A (an overpaid, under-utilized software) to B (a custom-built product catered to their needs with low recurring costs) without sacrificing quality on a tight timeframe.


Our Part

Requirement Gathering, Product Research, Project Scoping, Use Case and User Persona Creation, Solution Architecture Guidance, Feature Analysis, Functional Specification Creation, Technical Need Guidance, Product Roadmap Creation, Resource Allocation Strategy


The End Result

Design of a custom project management software solution, delivered via a fully-comprehensive functional specification outlining all functional and technical needs across the entire platform, a robust project plan and product roadmap that can be broken down to the individual task level, and a resource allocation strategy to meet all of these needs while adhering to the 8-month timeframe. With time being a major concern of our client, this entire solution design (inclusive of all requirement gathering meetings) was delivered in 40 hours of work.

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