Geospatial Imagery: Bringing Images to the Digital Age

More than 200 million satellite images of our home, Planet Earth, sit idle stored away in a physical warehouse. A solution is needed to bring the images to the digital age.


Geospatial Mapping Solutions


Product Design, Product Management, Project Management, Software Engineering & Architecture


February 2019



The Sitch  

The current process to fulfill a request for a satellite image takes roughly 4 people and 2 to 3 weeks from request to delivery. The process is time-consuming, draining on resources, prone to manual error, and not scalable. There is also a major loss in value potential as there is little visibility to the existence of the images. Storage of the images in physical format only makes them highly susceptible to natural disasters and total loss.


The Goal

Bring these images to the digital age with key principles of ease of accessibility, flexibility to support a wide range of user needs, and a secure + cost-effective data storage.


Our Part

Project Scoping and Product Design, Product Research, Use Case and User Persona Creation, Solution Architecture Guidance, Data Storage Solution Creation, Georeferencing Research and Integration, ML/AI Research and Integration, Map provider Vendor Research & Selection


The End Result

A beautifully designed web-based portal that will allow users from anywhere in the world to search, filter, and find any of these 200 million images. End-users have the ability to stream and ‘work’ the images to make them more usable for research & analytical purposes. This includes: adjusting brightness, contrast, cropping the image, rotating it, and adding notes & annotations to the image. We also built-in the capability to save these ‘edited’ images to user-specific folders for easy future reference (while being able to share those folders with other users). Lastly, we built an image request and workflow process that would allow someone to request an image to be scanned-in sooner than originally planned, and those requests to be easily managed. All backed by a safe and efficient data storage solution that uses image classifications to decrease storage costs without sacrificing speed and accessibility. Oh and one last thing: we built some super slick project management tools to allow people to easily manage the entire project from start-to-finish to ensure they are on track to hit their goals of all images being digitized (‘no user left behind’ is our motto!)

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