Mobile & Web Apps Upgrade: Revamped and Revived Product Suite

A startup’s current suite of applications were outdated and lacked an enticing user-engagement experience, leaving users across all platforms unsatisfied and disengaged. In true-start up fashion, they needed new designs and a completely re-written suite of applications… yesterday.




Product Management, Product Design, Project Management, Software Architecture & Engineering


June 2019



The Sitch  

Their existing 2-sided mobile application that was outdated, lacked meaningful UX flows, and was missing the ‘wow’ factor they were looking for. While the applications worked, they weren’t getting consistent engagement. They also had a web portal that was built on outdated business rules and was too confusing for end users to follow. The current state of these products increased the need for manual processes. The start-up needed a complete product suite overhaul and was wanting something that not only made business sense, but would make their end-users swoon.


The Goal

Completely redesign all mobile and web applications, with a heavy focus on driving and encouraging constant user engagement. Create a consistent, updated, and modernized look and feel across all products and all platforms, while implementing new features to drive even more user acquisition. Implement a project roadmap to ensure that all of these re-written products are done in the quickest and most-efficient use of time.


Our Part

Requirement Gathering, Product Research, Project Scoping, Feature Analysis, Functional Specification Creation, Technical Need Guidance, Project Roadmap Creation, Resource Allocation Strategy, Jira Ticket Writing, Workload Optimization.


The End Result

A completely upgraded suite of applications across iOS, Android & Web that followed best-in-class UI/UX principles. A fully robust project roadmap broken-down to the Jira ticket level, while also highlighting resource allocation and workload to ensure a fully optimized team. We also took the liberty to create these Jira tickets ourselves, to ensure this work could be started immediately. Our delivered applications earned us a free membership with the company, and boy do we love using the products we create.

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